Pretzel Buns and the fussy eater.

ASD Mummy with issues.

Anyone who has read anything I have written before knows the problems I have getting M to try something new to eat.     It can be quite frustrating.     While I am luckier than a lot of parents of children that are fussy eaters, that isn’t anymore comforting when you find something you think he will enjoy and he wont even try it.     I have lost it a few times at this, even though I know I shouldn’t!

Lunches are my biggest headache – tea time is easier because there are enough main meals he will eat to keep the rest of the family interested.     Give M a sandwich and if it has anything but ham in it and he will not even touch it.    He doesn’t eat raw cheese – in fact only eats it on pizza and that because I told him my Dad would only eat cooked cheese and…

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