dentists and asperger’s.


Dentists and asperger’s don’t really go together.

Mum says when i was little i couldn’t stand the dentist. And that noises and the sensations drove me mad. She also had to have a chat with the dentist who didn’t take my aspergers seriously enough. My tongue used to go over to explore what was going on in my mouth, so when they dried bits, i would lick them.  but after she spoke to the dentist he took more time to explain to me what was happening.

  • I can do pain really well – BUT i don’t do shock well! I jump. So the dentist to warn me about what  is going to happen. (Its the same as when i was getting my lumbar puncture – mum showed me everything the night before, so i wouldnt get any shocks, and it was fine!)
  • i hate the sensatiousness of the cotton wool…

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