The long way home!

ASD Mummy with issues.

It is always sad to say goodbye to the end of a lovely holiday, but to be sad to leave means you’ve had a great time.     I am however one of these people who once its time to head home, I want to be going and not hanging about.

We piled everything back into the car, and said goodbye to the boys cousins before setting off.

Hubby drove the first leg, and by that I mean, he drove to the nearest supermarket so we could fuel up the car!     We also fuelled ourselves with a McDonalds breakfast!    Naughty but nice.

I then took over the driving.    I get travel sick when I am a passenger in a car, but when I drive, I have something to concentrate on, and as long as I am chewing gum, the sickness feeling is put on hold.      The boys had their tablets, and DVDs…

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