Kids Grow Wild.

ASD Mummy with issues.

There is no better way for children to understand the world around them than to spend time in the great outdoors.      We have always encouraged our boys to be active in the garden.   They enjoy nothing better than to be up to their ears in mud – D particularly!!! This season though we are encouraging them to be more thoughtful about what they are doing when they are pottering. I grew up spending a ridiculous number of hours weeding and watering with my Dad on the allotment which was just across the road from where we lived.    We always had fresh veg, and I don’t think I knew you could buy it until I was almost a teenager.   We grew our own, so I assumed that’s what everyone else did!     The allotment went when Dad became ill, but we carried on, on a smaller scale in the back garden.     Nothing beats…

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