ASD Mummy with issues.

One of my guilty pleasures on the television is Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, or triple D ( as it is  known.      It is throw away television that is a perfect no brainer before bedtime.     It is on The Food Network and hosted by a man called Guy Fieri.   He travels around America visiting small independent eateries, that are something special.     Most of the food looks amazing, and you think, I could eat that, but just occasionally you see something and think, I could make that.    Well that’s what happened the other night.

The restaurant they visited specialised in making Stromboli.     Now, I had never heard of Stromboli as a food, let alone knew what it was, but it looked amazing!     It is basically a sharing calzone, or folded pizza, only the crust is more substantial.      I thought, I would look up a recipe and see if it was a lot of faffing or…

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