Food, Glorious Food

I love food. Its one of life’s greatest pleasure to enjoy well prepared and presented food. In that regard, I got lucky just over 10 years ago. I met Jane. Jane is a trained chef, and does it show! I’m not saying we spend a lot on food – we don’t. We’ve had to tighten our belts like many people in the country, but Jane’s ingenuity in the kitchen means we have a really varied diet. As a bit of a cooking novice – I can cook a bit as you can see ( but I’m not anywhere near Jane’s league when it comes to creativity in the kitchen.

We’ve had some amazing meals come out of the kitchen. I remember when she bought a pork fillet joint (I think it was in the reduced pile in Asda – I can’t remember the last time we paid full whack for anything other than chicken!) – now me, I’d probably just put it in the oven without doing anything to it at all. But Jane had me slice up some apples, tenderise the meat, line it with the chopped apples, roll it, then tie it up. The flavour was amazing! To Jane, it seemed a simple thing to do, but to me, it was a huge leap to use the apples!

Pork, lamb, fish, steak, vegetarian options, the are all turned out, beautifully cooked, and presented. Jane makes sure we don’t just eat well, but we’re having healthier options. When we have homemade pizza, we make fresh dough (well, Jane does!) and pile them high with veg! What’s even better is when we roll them up before cooking, then slice them when they’re cooked – delicious!

Lately though, we’ve been trying new meals. Today was one of those days. Jane found a recipe for stromboli. She prepared the dough – enough for 4 1lb strombolies. 1 with ham, 1  with ham & sweetcorn, 1 with chicken & pesto, 1 with chorizo and chillies (for me!) They were amazing. Half of one was enough, but we all loved them, particularly the boys. Matthew asked if we could have the leftover tomorrow night. Of course! Daniel wanted a slice for his packed lunch at school! Of course!

Its great that we’re able to eat so well, and try new things. That’s all down to Jane and her magic touch in the kitchen. This isn’t about gender stereotyping, its just that Jane is a million times better at cooking than I am having had the training and having worked in catering for 20 years. All that training certainly shows. Thanks Jane, you’re a fab cook!


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