Dance classes.

ASD Mummy with issues.

It’s almost the end of the school year for us.    Only 4 more weeks to go until the summer holidays, but already things are coming to an end.

Today was the last of the term for the dancing classes the boys take on a Saturday morning at the Deeside Dance Centre ( in Banchory.

The classes have been absolutely brilliant for them.    We came upon the classes through a listing on the local NAS monthly email.     It was perfect timing, because M had just started Scottish Country Dancing at school, and D was a little miffed that he was too young to join in.    Therefore when I saw the advert, I was really pleased as it would be something they could do together.     Both boys were really excited about the idea.      The classes are arranged by SCILL – Deeside (, a local charity I have spoken about before…

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