The Joys of Homeworking

Today is my one day of the week when I work from home. Its not fixed on a Friday, but is generally one day a week, which can be changed depending on the work patterns of colleagues. We started working from home about 2 years ago, and after a few teething problems (first time I worked from home I forgot the charger for my laptop which gave up at lunchtime!) it has been brilliant.

For starters, working flexible hours is a godsend when I’m in the office. It means early starts, and correspondingly early finishes! But at home, I often get up at my normal time – 540am – and get going as soon as I get downstairs and get set up. It can mean 6am starts ending with a finish at 230pm – or earlier. As long as anyone working from home lets those in the office know we’re working out of the ordinary hours. When the weather is good, it means we’re in the garden from early afternoon until its time to collect the boys from school.

Lunchtimes are often good when my working from home day is on one of the two days Matthew stays at school for lunch. There’s a couple of restaurants nearby, so it lets Jane & I head off for lunch out. Today has been one of those days, and it was our local Brewer’s Fayre restaurant that we headed off to. We make a point of not having Jane’s mum with us, and as a result of having no children (young or old!) its a lovely relaxing time Jane and I can share. A time we don’t need to be sure the boys are eating, or aren’t getting out of hand, and when we can talk freely. Its a nice treat to ourselves when we can enjoy each other’s company.

It also makes life easier for simple things like being able to do the school run (or walk for us), get to the dentist and doctor. Because we can change the day we work from home, it means I can arrange appointments for anytime, and can easily fit work around it. Such flexible working really does help the work/life balance. Most importantly, it means I’m at home for the boys as soon as they get home which they like. Today will mean getting on the trampoline from 330pm. With it being a Friday, we can all relax knowing there’s no work or school tomorrow.

Working from home is a productive experience that removes the need for the commute to work. There’s no need to sort out work clothes in the morning and the kitchen is just the next room! We’re free to come and go as we please – as long as we cover our hours, and sign in/out when we need to. If you get the chance to work from home, take it. I’d not want to give it up now.


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