BBQ Time

Finally, after weeks of waiting, we had a decent weekend with the weather. The sun was out, and the temperature picked up. I asked Jane if there was anything in the freezer we could barbeque as we had a disposable BBQ in the cupboard, but sadly not. We hadn’t told the boys of the idea, as with autistic children, any sudden changes to established plans can quickly lead to meltdown. So, we took them to their Saturday dancing with the promise of a trip to Burger King. After Matthew’s bravery on Friday at the dentist ( I thought we could sit in, let them have their choice plus ice cream. With the weather so nice, my thought en route to dancing was get takeaway and eat in the garden.

When we got to dancing, while the boys were just going into the studio for their class, Jane said she would pop down to the Tesco just a minute’s drive from the dance centre to see what they had for BBQs. Well, I was all for this idea! Any requests? Not really, just meat! When the boy came out, Jane was just coming into the dance centre car park. Boys were none the wiser! I said that I’d changed my mind, and we’d not go to Burger King. Their instant of disappointment vanished when we said that mummy had got a load of stuff for the BBQ, and that we’d do that instead. They were delighted!

When we got home, Jane started preparing the food for cooking, while the boys and I tidied the garden and cut the grass. Jane lit the BBQ, and had it blazing away quickly. The boys are usually fascinated by the flames, but they had flames of their own to keep them busy! I’d loaded our chimena with sticks picked up in the garden from our various jobs over the last few weeks, and I thought we’d burn them. They just sit entranced by the flames. But, it was time to cook! Jane had bought a great selection of stuff. Steak (for me!), maple glazed pork belly slices, chicken skewers, burgers, sausages, and Matthew’s favourite, king prawns. Out came a bottle of bbq glaze/sauce, and we were ready to go! Well, nearly ready. The prawns were individual prawns, but Matthew will only eat them on a skewer! So, first task of the afternoon was to skewer a bag full of prawns, put on a bbq sauce THEN they’d be ready for Matthew!

The afternoon passed in the laziest of fashion, with us lolling on the grass, cooking our food, and relaxing. The steak was a real treat, and Jane cooked in to medium rare perfection. Add the bbq glaze, and it was absolutely amazing. Unfortunately for me, the boys decided they’d like to try a bit – and they liked it! Still, I don’t mind. Its sometimes hard work getting them to like different foods. We already make steak casserole ( which the boys and I absolutely love. Its something that I can involve them in the preparation of. But, having it in a casserole is one thing. Steak out of a casserole? Well for Matthew, his ASD brain tells him everything in its place, and steak on a plate without a sauce isn’t right. But, he loved it.

We put away a decent amount of food, but didn’t overly indulge ourselves. It was the perfect way to enjoy the weather and take our ease, enjoying some family time. I suspect the boys will be looking forward to some more sunny weather and getting the BBQ out again.


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