My Fitness Pal Progress Report

As I mentioned a week or so ago, Jane and I have started making sure we’re eating better and getting a bit more exercise. We’re being guided by the brilliant app, MyFitnessPal. It sets a daily calorie “allowance” – intake net of exercise. It has an extensive database of foods and their nutritional value, which is very useful. It also keeps a record of your exercise too. Its got a decent database of exercises, and the amount of calories each burns an hour.

Anyway, I’ve found it a good motivational tool. Where I’d have been tempted to just head for the kitchen for a snack or two, now I’ll check with MyFitnessPal first. IF there’s not enough allowance left in the day, well then, there’s no snack! Equally though, if come the evening there’s a few hundred calories left, then I’m free to have a snack. It takes away the denying yourself that seems to be associated with most diets. I say diet, but we see it more as a change of lifestyle rather than a diet. We’re still eating the same sort of things, although we will try and look for lower fat alternatives, and we’ll eat maybe smaller portions, paying slightly closer attention to the weights of individual meal ingredients. It must all add up I suppose.

We’re now nearly 4 weeks into the change. I’ve been walking 2 miles from town to work, then back again four times a week. I’m walking somewhere between 15 and 20 miles each week. We’ve also dusted down the Wii Fit board, and are trying out Zumba on the Wii. The amount of exercising we’re getting is slowly increasing, and its getting easier to get through the exercising! Its starting to pay off I suspect. I look forward to my walk to/from work now, rather than dread it some mornings in the the past!

Its progressing well though. When I started it all, I’d started at 12st 2 lbs. A step on the scales this morning, and it was 11st 6lb! Woo hoo! Less than four weeks in, and 10 pounds has gone. Even the slightest drop is giving us the motivation to carry on with it all. It’ll make sure we’re still here for the boys a little longer yet!


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