Birthday Time For Daniel – Time for Family

As I posted earlier, today is Daniel’s birthday. Naturally, he asked for a party so he could share his birthday with some of his classmates. We give Daniel the choice as to who he invites, and the rest is left up to us (that is Jane!) to sort out. His party is on Sunday, and he’s looking forward to it already. But the day of his birthday, well, that’s time for family.

It was fortunate that this year his birthday fell on a Friday. Daniel was desperate for Gaga Norma (my mum) to come over for a “sleep over” for his birthday. It was all set up, and his granny is over for the night, something Daniel absolutely loves. For his birthday tea, he decided he would like us to order takeaway curry. Of course, we didn’t need any convincing on that. Daniel has developed a real taste for curry. We’ve started him off on a mild one (this all started when he came down one night while Jane & I were having a curry) and he tried the one his other granny was having – he was hooked. So, curry it was. It also co-incided with movie night. In any event, curry eating is always accompanied by a movie. One of the blu-rays we gave him was Beauty and the Beast, one of his favourites. We were set.

We’d all been relaxing and Daniel was so happy with his birthday. We were having a lovely family get together. Old people were in good humour, we were about to have curry, all was well! The curry was spread out on the table (in their containers I hasten to add!) so all were free to help themselves to a wide range of food. We had mains from mild passanda chicken to hot south indian garlic chilli chicken. There was chicken chat, mushroom bhajis, vegetable and chicken pakoras, onion bhajis, poppadums, peshwari naan, bombay potatoes. It was a feast fit for a birthday boy. Naturally, there was still too much for us, so it there will be left overs to look forward to tomorrow!

Daniel has loved his birthday, and has loved having his close family round him to help him celebrate. Daniel is a fragile little soul, and really does lack confidence, although at times in the house that is hard to believe. He’s uncomfortable away from the home and finds it difficult to make bonds, so his time at home is important for him. Its crucial that he has an environment where he knows he’s valued for who he is. Today was all about him (of course) and it was good to put him right at the heart of the family. The happiness on his face has made it all worthwhile.

For Daniel, its not just about celebrating his birthday. Its also about reminding him that he’s loved, that he’s valued, that he’s at the heart of everything we do. Once again, Happy Birthday little man.


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