Lego Star Wars – our Obsessed Aspie Battles On!

As I mentioned the other day, our resident Aspie, Daniel, is obsessed with Star Wars. He’s either watching the movies, making up Star Wars related games to play, or of course, playing Lego Star Wars. But on the plus side, its time that Daniel shares with either Matthew, me, or all three of us. The gameplay on Lego Star Wars is excellent, and the puzzle solving tough enough for young minds to figure out. The 30-odd levels spread over the six movies will keep them occupied for a long time with 360 canisters (10 per level that make up a Lego creation), special Lego blocks and canisters to collect, along with various challenge levels to complete.

Thanks to a change of Wii, we’ve had to start from the beginning again, but I think that’s part of the fun – completing all the levels in story mode then free play (you can pick a handful of characters you’ve unlocked, or bought using the Lego studs you’ve collected in the course of playing the game.) We’ve been through almost all of the levels on story mode so far, with about 4 left to complete on Return of the Jedi. Daniel has his favourite levels he’ll return to, using the characters he’s bought on old favourites.

We’re doing our best to collect all the canisters & special canisters that make up the Lego Star Wars ships. Only so many of them can be collected in story mode as some locations on a level can only be accessed by using particular characters not available in story mode. Daniel returned to the Death Star level of the Star Wars (Episode IV) levels where he’d collected some of the canisters in story mode. In free play, without any help, he managed to complete the level collecting all of the canisters. Although the puzzles to discover the canisters aren’t overly taxing, Daniel is able to analyse what needs doing, and is managing to stay calms to be able to finish it. When he’d done it, he insisted Jane send me a message at work to say he’d finished it.

This week – the second of their two weeks off school – has followed a familiar pattern. Lego Star Wars would be played first thing in the morning, and today was no exception. We decided to go back to the very first level (The Phantom Menace, Negotiations) to have a go at free play, as we’d already collected 8 of the 10 canisters on the level. With Daniel’s prompting, I managed to finish it off, finding the last canister. Daniel was so excited by it. But that wasn’t quite enough. Oh no. We had to go for the special canisters. That involved a “challenge” mode level, where we had 10 minutes to find all canisters. I played to the accompaniment of constant advice and chatter from Daniel. First effort found 5/10 which was no good. Daniel’s all or nothing attitude his Aspergers gives him decided we could never complete it. No point trying again. I convinced him to have one more go. And with his prompting again, we pulled it off. It all gave him a stack of Lego studs he could “spend” on buying new characters in the game. He was happy.

We’re progressing through the game together, and have managed to complete 36% of it so far. Although its a fun game to play – and lets Daniel and I indulge in our love of Star Wars – most importantly, it allows Daniel & Matthew to engage in cooperative play, and lets the boys and I have some good quality fun time together. Roll on completing the other 64%!


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