Curry Night!

This week my brother has been back from Saudi Arabia, where he works, for a week. After a rocky start when he was little, Matthew loves it when his uncle visits. I think my brother learned from how he and Matthew started off, and Daniel and his uncle are thick as thieves The regularly run him ragged to the point at Christmas, they put his back out for a couple of days! But my brother humours them, and they love their time with him.

We had a family lunch out on Sunday (with mixed results! –, but as we’d planned having a curry night, which the boys both love, we asked my brother over for curry for tonight. My mum, who doesn’t like curry, cried off at first, but decided to come along. The boys have been building up to it for days, and have been at fever pitch today. My brother and mum picked me up from work, and it was family time together again.

We usually order from our local Indian, Dil Se in Portlethen. We had gone to the one in Newtonhill, about 2 miles away before discovering Dil Se on Just Eat ( – they do an amazing meal deal for four that includes any four mains, four rice, bhajis, pakora, popadoms and a couple of starters, all for £40. We usually add a couple of starters as Matthew doesn’t like the wet food, but prefers the chicken pakoras. It easily does us 2 nights, so its great value. As we had another couple of mouths to feed, today we went for:

2 × Chicken Pakora
1 × Mojhadarr Combi
1 × Mushroom Bhaji
1 × Samosa Mixed Vegetables
1 × Badshazinga on Puri
1 × Nawabi Special Mixed
1 × Special Set Meal for 4 Persons £39.95
Sylheti Chicken
Molee Pahar Chicken
2 x Peshwari Naan (Sweet)
2 x Pasanda Chicken

A huge amount of food for £72 that fed 7 easily. It arrived slightly early, which is always good when feeding the boys. We picked Despicable Me to watch, which is a great movie. My brother hadn’t seen it before and loved it. Its one of the boys’ favourite too. With being at home, it was so much more relaxed than Sunday, and we have all had a great time. Even my mum tried some curry! We all ate well, and feel rather stuffed!

Curry night was a great idea to finish off the week. The boys loved seeing their uncle, and it was a great family gathering. Roll on another curry night!


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