An Education with Doctor Who

I love Doctor Who. Going way back to the early 70s, I’ve loved Doctor Who. Not much beats watching “classic” Who with Tom Baker & Jon Pertwee. I still love it, and would go as far as to say David Tennant is up there with Tom Baker as my favourite Doctor.

Last week, I began indoctrinating my children into the televisual treat that is the Doctor. I’ve got a few DVDs of the original Doctor Who, and as we have a movie night in the house on a Friday, I decided to pick Doctor Who and Death to the Daleks, a Pertwee story, for last week’s movie night. The boys were relatively transfixed. Daniel asked a stream of questions, which is a decent indicator of him liking it. And no Who enemy can beat the Daleks. Its hard to explain to the boys how frightening they were to a young boy 40 years ago!

This afternoon, I thought I’d give them another treat. Matthew was given a Doctor Who magazine last week, with a picture of a Weeping Angel on it. Cue a stream of questions from Daniel of course! He was desperate to see the angels, so I thought we might watch Angels Take Manhatten at some point, as I’ve still got it recorded.

Then I went and discovered the first five series of Doctor Who on Netflix! I searched out Blink, the first appearance of the Weeping Angels, and by far, my favourite episode of the rejigged Doctor. When the boys came home from school, we settled down in front of the telly, and on went Blink. They were transfixed. 44 minutes of silence from Matthew, and questions from Daniel. They both loved it, and it let me pass on another of my passions to my little lads.

If they fall for the Doctor as much as they have Star Wars, we’ll have many years of great TV time ahead with everyone’s favourite Time Lord!


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