But they’re not racist, right?

Pride's Purge

(It’s not satire – it’s UKIP!)

We all know UKIP members don’t like immigrants or homosexuals much.

But most of them would presumably baulk at the idea of building a network of concentration camps across the country to keep them in.

The chairman of UKIP Bristol, Mr Philip Collins (not that one), seems to think it’s a good idea though.

And even more surprising, he seems happy to admit it in public.

Mr Collins’ comments on what he calls ‘holding camps’ for immigrants come about halfway through this excellent interview with him from www.vice.com:


Apart from immigrants, I wonder if Mr Collins thinks other people – like homosexuals – should be put in the camps too?

By the way, if you go right to the end of the interview – you’ll also see Collins pretty much openly threatens the interviewer Chris…

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