Dinner time.


He looked like he had a great time yesterday. He was totally immersed.

Originally posted on ASD Mummy with issues.:

Eating is a great pleasure. In fact I would say in our society it is one of the major pleasures many people have – which probably explains the health related problems, but that’s another post!

Before children, Hubby and I used to eat out a lot. It was our treat to ourselves. We don’t smoke, and consume little alcohol, so it was, I suppose our vice. We were never into high-class fine dining, but instead opted for places that gave us good food and good portions at a reasonable price. We both enjoy our food too much to skimp on it!

When the children came along, of course that all changed – but D was only 5 days old the first time he went into a restaurant!!! We had other priorities, and much less cash to spend on the non-essentials of life. Our regular outings became far less frequent, and therefore…

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About Neil Ritchie

Hi there. I'm the parent of 2 boys on the autism spectrum, which can be challenging! I tend to ramble on about the challenge I share with Jane, and just about anything that comes to mind!
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